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Athlete Institute Elite Football Foundation


AIEFF Sessions are postponed until end of province-wide lockdown

12 Sessions
Please refer to schedule at:

*If we stay in Grey Zone (lockdown) - sessions will be postponed until we move back into Red or Orange Zone
**Red Zone - 20 participants maximum (10 per side with divider)
***Orange Zone - 32 participants maximum

The AIEFF is an INVITE-ONLY program which will focus on training and evolving athletes ages 8-12, under the highest standards of player development. The program will look to keep a low coach to player ratio and implement a high-level environment during the important foundation stages of elite athlete development. Athletes will work exclusively under nationally and internationally licensed coaches with proven track records in a true Academy environment.

The AIEFF program will run events and high-end exhibitions periodically for athletes but will leave athletes with the flexibility of continuing with their home teams.

Our sessions will work on 4 major pillars that are key within our senior Academy structure:

  • Speed of play (in all aspects of the game)
  • Mastery of 1v1 and small-sided situations (offensive/defensive)
  • Positional flexibility and understanding team structures at all times
  • Supreme confidence and positivity in any football situation or moment

20 athletes maximum while in red zone (10 per side)

*Please note that due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, our Dome is open to athletes and AIEFF Staff only. Outdoor sessions at Heart Lake can be spectated, provided social distancing at all times.

Participation in the AIEFF includes:

  • 12 Training Sessions / 2 per week
  • AIEFF Training kit
  • Individual player review with Academy Technical Director
  • Introduction to AIFC's player metrics system (1 session)

Cost: $399 + HST

If you have been invited to attend, please sign up at



Athlete Institute Dome - 207321 Highway 9, Mono, ON
Google Maps -